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Aerated Concrete Panel Production Line

Ⅰ. Technology Certification and Evaluation

     Aerated concrete panel production line, based on cement, lime, silicon sand, etc as main raw materials ,according to the structure requirement, added different amount preservative treatment of steel fabric pieces ,is a light porous new type of green environmental protection building materials. By high temperature high pressure, steam curring reaction,producing cellular crystallized aerated concrete panel, its density is less than general cement-based materials, and has a good fire-resistant, fire prevention, sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation and incomparable performance.

     Our aerated concrete panel production line comes with intellectual property rights. It has obtained the ISO9001 International Quality Management System Certificate and CE certificate. Also, our production line has been approved by BV and TUV.

Ⅱ. Aerated concrete panel production line Technical Process
1. Rebar Mesh Cage Preparation
    Use the straightening machine to process the steel bar coil into the type with the required length. With the welder, the processed steel bar will be welded into the steel meshes. Later, the suspending welder makes those meshed into the wanted cages. Next, the rebar mesh cage will be painted, and then dried in the drying box. Finally, it will be conveyed to the assembly area.
2. Mesh Cage Assembly and Drill Rod Plugging
    During the assembly process, the mesh cage will be installed on to the cabinet frame according to the size. And then it will be fixed with the drill rod.
    After the installation, the poured horizontal molding box will be transported to the designated spot. The dill rod plugging crane puts the mesh cage cabinet into the mould. Later, the cabinet will be sent to the curing room. Until the green bricks have been cut, the cured molding box will be then delivered to the place where drill rod is plugged. Pull out the drill rods, and transport the molding box to the cutting place.
3. Batching, Pouring, Curing (Refer to the Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Block Production Line)

Ⅲ. Application of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Panel
ALC autoclaved aerated concrete panel can be divided in to the partition plate, external wall plate, roof panel, fire-proof board, etc. All those panels are mainly used for concrete or steel buildings.

a. ALC Internal Wall Panel
This internal wall panel is applicable for all kinds of buildings, for instance, hotels, schools, etc. On the wall panel, you can install the air conditioning, heater, and the like.
b. ALC External Wall Panel
This type of wall panel features excellent heat preservation, heat insulation performance. Therefore, it is thinner than general type autoclaved aerated concrete panel. This product can satisfy many countries' applications where heat insulation is required.

Ⅳ. Finished Product Aerated concrete panel production line Display

aerated concrete panel production line aerated concrete panel

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