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Aac machine creates a new era in building materials industry

   Author:Dongyue Machinery Group    Time:[2016-07-07]   Views:

Energy-saving is becoming hotspot in the whole world which has a big influence on china at the same time. on the world-wide energy crisis occasion, aac machine gives us new hope, because it can transfer the waste into worhy bricks. It not only solves the problem of fly ash pollution, but also does the recycling and reusing perfectly. There is no doubt that the aerated block machine becomes the most brightest super star in building materials industry.

Energy-saving and environmental aac block plant wins a large market and gets fast development,. In the future, This brick machine will gain more faster development. The autoclaved aerated concrete block machine which is environmental and energy-saving will become the main products in the future building materials industry.

Aerated block machine saves cost of production and makes the clients gain more profit. The government give its support to the development of aerated block machine, because it accords with the strategy if sustainable development. Autoclaved aerated concrete bricks is environmental,light-weight, thermal insulation,noiseproof, adaptable. Large-scale aerated block machine offer basic solution for dealing with the fly ash waste.