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German AAC concrete relevant technology advantage (1)

   Author:Donyue machinery group    Time:[2016-01-09]   Views:

Germany one hundred years brand ‘YTONG” is the creator and promoters of the aerated concrete (short for AAC) , since the first production line established in Sweden in 1923 ,has more than 60 AAC plant in more than 30 countries during hundred years , the number one production capacity and quality in the world, and it is the pronoun of AAC.
As YTONG is purchased by KAILAI Group and the transformation of its business model, its mechanical department was set up 'AAC Concept technology services company’ in 2006 after dissolution , AAC - Concept GmbH.

In 2013 after the two sides more than 1 years investigation and comparison ,Germany AAC - CONCEPT Gmbh and Dongyue signed a five-year technical cooperation, cooperation content including YTONG hands over all set equipment drawing to Dongyue ,which the patent has opened, hands over the process layout technology, transfer process formula , process formula debugging, new product development, etc.